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Yes, this is a great seller that you can trust! I am so confident in the legitimacy of this company that I feel like I am getting more than what I pay for. They made sure my doll was exactly what I wanted and added any extras they might have missed. The doll itself fits the price range. Very durable and realistic. What I appreciate is the care taken in packaging and shipping. I will definitely use this company again as I had a great experience.

GorgeousSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, this site is very exciting! I purchased this doll around June 2022 and have enjoyed every experience with her. If you love having a queen in your room and being able to wear all those feminine dresses or outfits, it’s definitely her. Breast gel is simply a must because the visual and physical experience is so real. Lifesize is also important if you want an intimate bedtime experience because her head is big enough to have that GF experience next to you.

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Yes, the customer service was great and so was my doll! First of all, the customer service is absolutely fantastic, by far the best I have come across on any site or restaurant. They make sure all your questions are answered or resolved. They definitely deserve a medal for going out of their way to make sure I’m a happy and satisfied customer. But on the other hand, for a first-time complete doll buyer, this doll is absolutely the best you’ll find anywhere else. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this is a safe and legit sex doll seller. The perfect love doll! ! This doll is amazing, feels and looks adorable. I chose this little girl to hide from my family. I can keep it in a closet in a box or tuck it under a comforter and for the right price you can get it here for free and on other sites for a lot more so you get more for less thing. Big thanks to whoever helped me out, you guys were quick, great and helpful.